Legal document procurement, subpoena preparation, and record retrieval services in Richmond, Virginia.

Document Procurement Solutions provides full service record retrieval services from issuance of subpoenas or signed authorization requests, through service of the subpoenas and then follow-up of all records.

Virginia's finest legal firms and insurance companies trust DPS for their outsourced subpoena document procurement and management.

follow-up is what we do.

DPS' clients include some of the largest insurance companies in the nation. We work with insurance company defense firms on car accident, personal injury and workers' compensation cases where we secure any type of records needed on the injured party. We manage all aspects of record retrieval and follow-up so you and your team can focus on the important legal work before you.

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Electronic File Creation

Digital creation, management, and storage with fast retrieval of records pursuant to subpoenas, medical releases, and all other necessary case documents.

Research and Operations

Full service retrieval of provider contact information, subpoena / medical release follow-up, record copying and fast document procurement.

Mailings and Postage Management

Subpoenas to the Court and all counsels of record along with 15-day certification letter.

Flexible Service Invoicing

For your convenience, DPS offers three billing options: Monthly, twice per month, or at each case completion

Meet The Founders of DPS.

Looking for Subpoena Plus?

DPS welcomes former Subpoena Plus clients.

When Subpoena Plus closed their doors in Richmond, Virginia, many of their clients were left high and dry when it came to their third party subpoena vendor. Document Procurement Solutions has proven options for your needs. We are ready and waiting to start issuing subpoenas on behalf of your clients, serving witnesses and parties, and managing communication with medical providers in relation to obtaining records vital to your cases.

Document Procurement Solutions is your home for Subpoena Management, Record Retrieval, and Document Procurement. We offer the following services and more.

Subpoena Management

Subpoena creation and enforcement. Monitoring of record retrieval.

Record Retrieval

Ensuring prompt record retrieval on paper and/or electronically. Digital storage of all documents.

Litigation Support

DPS is ready and waiting to assist you with all of your record retrieval needs as your trial progresses. Fast, competent support - at attractive price points.

Legal Case Preparation

We help you prepare for trial with efficient management of subpoenas and other relevant documents.

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